Anna Sal is an accomplished Senior Art Director and Designer with a broad range of skills and expertise in communication design, concept design, web design, and branding. Originally from Austria, Anna completed her studies in Barcelona and Berlin and has since worked on numerous international projects for clients in architecture, design, and branding.
As Head of Design at shecco, an environmental services company, Anna is responsible for developing and executing the company's visual strategy, as well as designing and maintaining their website and developing their branding materials. Her ability to translate complex concepts into visually engaging designs has been instrumental in the company's success.
Anna's portfolio showcases her ability to create memorable and effective brand identities and build user-friendly, visually engaging websites that deliver results. She is skilled in a wide range of design disciplines, from print to digital media, and is known for her ability to create cohesive and innovative design solutions.
As a passionate and forward-thinking designer, Anna stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in communication design. She is always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to help clients achieve their goals and make a positive impact on their audiences.
If you're looking for a talented and versatile designer who can bring your concepts to life and help elevate your brand and online presence, Anna is the ideal choice.

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